Final matrix and generalized Laver table calculator

On this page, we have a final matrix calculator and a generalized Laver table calculator. Click here for an introduction to the final matrix and how the final matrix encodes the algebra of $(A^{\leq 2^{n}})^{+}$.

Input the values $n,x,y$ below to calculate the entry in the final matrix $FM^{-}_{n}(x,y)$. Be sure that $n$ is a natural number with $n\leq 48$ and $x,y\in\{1,…,2^{n}\}$.

$n$ $x$ $y$

The following application calculates $\mathbf{x}*\mathbf{y}$ in the generalized Laver table $(A^{\leq 2^{n}})^{+}$.

We are currently improving the code so that the generalized Laver tables can be computed more quickly. The improved code should be running soon.

Warning: Large values $n$ will crash your browser or take a long time to calculate. To prevent browser crashes and long running scripts, it is recommended that one set $n\leq 20$.