Laver tables links

Here are some links related to Laver tables, very large cardinals, and similar areas of mathematics.

Cantor’s attic-In Cantor’s upper attic, one can explore the large cardinals from inaccessible and below to rank-into-rank and above.

Other links

Hexadecimal numbers-The hexadecimal number system is probably the best number system to use when doing Laver table computation, and it is probably the best number system to use overall.

Mathematicians’ Homepages

Scott Cramer-Scott Cramer researches very large cardinals (beyond rank-into-rank) and descriptive set theory.

Patrick Dehornoy-Patrick Dehornoy has researched set theory, and self-distributive algebras, and their relation with braid groups.

Vincenzo Dimonte-Vincenzo Dimonte studies very large cardinals.

Harvey Friedman-Harvey’s Foundational Adventures: While Harvey Friedman does not study self-distributive algebras, Harvey Friedman’s research has similar philosophical implications because Harvey Friedman has worked much on using large cardinal axioms to prove theorems in more conventional mathematics.