Welcome to my experimental professional home page. You can read more about Booles’ Rings sites here, or see my first post about this experiment here.

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Boise math circle

I’m really excited to write that our new math circle is up and running. We received a seed grant from the National Association of Math Circles a couple days ago, and had our first meeting this morning. It was a lot of fun! Read More »

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Conjugacy and homogeneous graphs

A talk at the Boise Set Theory Seminar. Wednesday, September 3 from 3 to 4pm. Read More »

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The conjugacy problem for automorphism groups of countable homogeneous structures

With Paul Ellis. (arχiv) Read More »

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Senior thesis: Ken Coiteux

And… my second student has also completed a thesis. (Or maybe I should call him my second first student, since he actually completed it at the same time as my first student.) This one is An introductory look at deterministic chaos. Congratulations!

You can check out Ken’s home page as well.

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Senior thesis: Farighon Abdul Rahim

Boise State has just started to require all graduating students to complete a 1-credit “Finishing Foundations” course. In our department this means writing a senior thesis. My first student has just completed his, and it is titled Axioms of Set Theory and Equivalents of Axiom of Choice. Congratulations!

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A López-Escobar theorem for metric structures, and the topological Vaught conjecture

With Martino Lupini. (arχiv) Read More »

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