The complexity of classification problems

Mathematics department colloquium, Boise State University, April 27, 2016 Read More »

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Lopez-Escobar’s theorem and metric structures

AMS special session on descriptive set theory and its applications, Salt Lake, April 9, 2016 Read More »

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Set theory and classification problems

A talk for the Boise math graduate student seminar, October 2015 Read More »

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The conjugacy problem for automorphism groups of homogeneous digraphs

With Paul Ellis. Accepted to Contributions to Discrete Mathematics, 2016. (arχiv) Read More »

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Amalgamation properties and conjugacy

Boise Set Theory Seminar, Wednesday September 2, 2015 Read More »

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BMC to begin its second year

The Boise Math Circle is for local middle and high school students looking to connect with with the creative side of mathematics. We go outside many standard curriculums to explore fun and challenging topics. The goal is to give our participants little hints of modern math research and its applications.

If you are curious about interacting with more math, then apply to join us! You can find a lot more information as well as an application form on our web site:

Our first meeting is scheduled for September 19.

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