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I am a logician, a mathematician, and a software engineer, in particular a Common Lisper (GitHub account: ioannad). My pet software project is the Choiceless Grapher app, which I wrote from scratch in Common Lisp. In logic I worked on formalising set theory in the proof assistant Isabelle. I welcome all questions on anything I wrote or might know about, and I am always happy to get comments, suggestions, and corrections.

You can contact me by email: ioanna.m.dimitriou at  gmail dot      com, or by leaving a comment anywhere in this site.

CV information:

I was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, where I finished my bachelor’s in mathematics (1998-2003). I then went to the ILLC in Amsterdam for my master’s in Logic (2003- 2005) and afterwards I joined the mathematical logic group of Bonn and started working on my PhD in mathematical logic (set theory). During this time I have helped organise conferences and workshops and I have given some talks, both invited and contributed.  After my PhD defense in December 2011 I was employed by IMBIE the university clinic of Bonn (2012-2014) as a medical statistician and member of the Study Centre Bonn (SZB). Then I concentrated on learning more about software development, and the proof assistant Isabelle. During the winter semester 2015/16 I worked with the mathematical logic group of the University of Bonn formalising NGB set theory with Peter Koepke and a group of 11 bachelor and master student interns.  Since then I am a freelance software engineer with Interstellar Ventures. You can see some of my private projects on my GitHub page.  I designed and created the website of IMBIE, the website of the mathematical logic group of Bonn, and the website of the Choiceless Grapher.  Since 1999 I teach mathematics,  to high-school, to bachelor’s, and to master’s students.

I’m a native Greek speaker, fluent in English and German, and I can communicate in Spanish, which is my mother’s native tongue (from Chile). I can still understand some basic Dutch.

To different degrees I know how to work with Common Lisp, Isabelle, Python, OCaml, Haskell, Java, Clojure, C, Pascal, LaTeX, BASH script, git, gimp, Graphviz, SAS, SPSS, STATA, typo3, HTML, and CSS, among others. I mostly use Debian Linux.

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