Why are people commenting more and viewing this post more than other posts which actually have content?

So if you remember, I recently made this post calling out the trolls, haters, and science denying crackpots on another network. I have removed all the content from this post since things have been getting out of hand and because that post has been getting too many views. I have a couple questions though.

If you have noticed, this post had very little content to it. Why does a content-free post get so much more attention than a post which actually has content to it? It seems like the people here are attracted to contentless click-bait posts much more than they are to actual content. This is really pissing me off. Your attraction to click-bait articles and false and hateful rumors is disgusting and deplorable. You should be interested in new ideas instead of immediately rejecting them out of hatred. People have been ruining my reputation since they are more interested in stupid rumors than in truth.

I realize that some of my posts are quite technical, but some of them are not. Some of them just announce some new program that I have written which you can launch in your browser where the only thing you have to do is read a couple directions and click a few buttons and produce a few pictures that you can hang on your wall. You do not even have to do anything.

3 thoughts on “Why are people commenting more and viewing this post more than other posts which actually have content?”

  1. Hi Joseph,
    I am sorry that you just had a bad experience on MO; I have seen it … :-/
    Mathematically or scientifically unjustified downvotes are a nuisance indeed and should be almost inexistent in a serious professional academic community. From my experience on other SE sites, it is mostly not so bad on MO. Todd has asked a community manager to revert the unjustified downvotes against you, see here:


    Please do not get too upset about the “forced time out”, personally I would have given you the advice to step back a bit until the moderators have sorted out and corrected things too 😉
    I generally think MathOverflow is a great gem, full of immensely bright and nice cool people who are very helpful to each other.
    And you as a high-rep user are plainly among those nice people, thinking about cool interesting highly non-trivial topics and generously sharing your knowledge on MO.
    So please don’t let a few brainless trolls spoil it for you.

    Best wishes

  2. So the MO community has given an extremely negative and hostile response against my idea that I am working on. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency community (which actually cares about the long-term success of cryptocurrencies, MO only cares about playing games) has given a positive response to my proposals. For this reason, I do not think it is a good idea for me to associate with any pure mathematicians anymore. I will only associate with applied mathematicians.

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