No representation without taxation.

There should be no representation without taxation. Everybody should get one vote for every dollar that they pay in taxes. Government workers and others who receive income from the government should not be given any voting power unless they spend more in taxes than they receive from the government.

The right to vote is the only way to apologize for taxing people.

-So the government forces everybody who works to pay taxes. The government therefore needs to apologize to people for taxing them. The government also needs to prove that it is sincere by compensating people for their damages (when you tax people you are damaging their finances). The only way for the government to compensate the people is to give people voting rights in proportion to how much they are damaged. Those poor rich people are very sad because they have to spend all of their money on taxes and they need to be comforted.

No representation without taxation will end crony capitalism.

-Suppose that there are two people called Alice and Bob and suppose that Alice through cronyism only pays 1 dollar in taxes while Bob has to pay 1000 dollars in taxes. Then by NRWT, Alice will only get one vote while Bob will get 1000 votes. Bob will therefore use his voting power to end the cronyism so that in the future Alice and Bob both spend the same amount of money in taxes. NRWT will automatically end cronyism so that no one party will use democracy to unfairly rule over another party.

NRWT will punish people if they use the government to advance their own causes.

-Suppose that Alice and Bob are voters. Alice wants no taxes for herself and very high taxes for Bob. Alice then votes low taxes for herself and high taxes for Bob. Alice will then be punished for her selfishness and her voting power will then be reduced. The tax rates between Alice and Bob will therefore eventually come into equilibrium so that neither party is oppressed nor treated unfairly.

NRWT will cause people to voluntarily pay taxes

-So the idea that people will voluntarily pay taxes seems absurd right now. However, if people can only vote in proportion to how much they spend in taxes, they will voluntarily pay their taxes so that they have political power. Nobody can complain about taxes if it is voluntary.

NRWT rewards good people while it punishes bad people without offending anyone.

-Today with our democratic system, every person gets one vote regardless of whether they are wise or foolish, rich or poor, good or evil, or intelligent or dumb. NRWT is the only way to fair voting system that rewards people for positive attributes while it punishes people for having negative attributes.

Would you rather have someone who is wise enough to build a successful business voting or would have someone who cannot hold a job voting. I want the most qualified people to vote. The only way to do this is through no representation without taxation since no representation without taxation gives people the right to vote in proportion to their positive characteristics.

NRWT is very difficult to manipulate. Voting restrictions on the young, the mentally handicapped, the criminals can all be easily manipulated in order to oppress a group of people. NRWT cannot be manipulated since one has to make massive changes to the tax structure in order to oppress certain groups of people.

NRWT is also non-offensive. It should be considered offensive to give people voting rights according to their scores on intelligence tests, their good looks, their gender, their height, their strength, how nice they are,or based on any other characteristic. However, NRWT is inherently non-offensive since a person’s tax rate is not a single characteristic.

NRWT will make it difficult to oppress certain groups of people

-Suppose that John hates farmers. Then John will have a hard time oppressing farmers since if John raises taxes on farmers, John will give farmers more voting power, but if John oppresses their right to vote, then he will give them tax breaks. NRWT will make it very difficult to oppress people.

NRWT will keep the size of the government in check

-People who like big governments will have their political power in check since they are likely working for the government and therefore will not have any voting power. People who like small governments however will likely pay much in taxes and they will therefore vote to have a smaller government.

NRWT will lower taxes

-People who pay too much in taxes will vote to cut tax rates since they do not want to pay so much. Therefore the overall tax rate will decrease for everyone.

Final words

-Everybody likes no taxation without representation, but it should go the other way too. We should not tax people without depriving them of the right to vote, but we should also let people who do not pay their fair share vote either.

Notice: This post is satire. I wrote this post to get you to think. This post does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of its author.

2 thoughts on “No representation without taxation.”

  1. This is a terrible idea. There is no reason to suppose that wealthy people in whatever overarching system will have any more reason than the rest of us to be good people, or to be more wise, or to act for the furtherance of the Commonwealth. Extreme wealth will always be the result of the interactions of dumb luck and system-gaming, and won’t go away unless *everything* goes away. Wealth is already Financial Power. Half the point of Government Power is to *limit* Financial power.

    Get back to me when you can explain how to build a reversible clock.

  2. Jesse C. McKeown-What you have stated is not an argument. Did you even see my satire notice at the bottom of the post?

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