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Let’s Make Some T-sequences

(This was the basis for a talk I gave at the Toronto Student Set Theory and Topology seminar on January 15, 2013. The assumed knowledge is an undergraduate course in general topology. This is only a draft, and will be updated soon.) Introduction There are many questions in mathematics and sciences in general whose main […]

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Math Anxiety

A study was done at the University of Chicago looking at whether math can cause physical pain. (The rather laughable title of the article is “Doing Math Really Does Make Your Head Hurt, Says Science”. Here‘s the actual published study.) The idea is that for people with high levels of math anxiety, just knowing that […]

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Perceptions about Mathematics

“When someone asks you what you do as a mathematician, they take the most advanced training they have in mathematics and assume that you do a much harder version of that.” This is a paraphrase of something I will attribute to Leo Goldmakher. The idea is that if someone has only ever taken high-school math, […]

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