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High-Dimensional Ramsey Theory – Course Notes – Spring 2014

I am currently taking Stevo Todorcevic’s course (MAT1435HS Topics in Geometric Topology: High-Dimensional Ramsey Theory) at the University of Toronto in Spring 2014. I will be typing up notes and posting them here. Please contact me (by commenting below, or by email) to give me any feedback (typos, questions, clarifications, etc.)

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Absolute Chaos is Impossible!

(This is a talk I presented for the Classroom Adventures lecture series on January 17, 2014, for high school teachers.) (Apparently the video of this talk will be made available online. I will link it when it is available.)

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Contest Pigeons!

(This is a talk I gave for the Canadian IMO team at their 2014 winter camp at York University on Jan 3, 2014.) The pigeonhole principle is a remarkable combinatorial theorem that looks silly and obvious, but turns out to be quite powerful and useful, especially in the context of contest problem solving. I’m going […]

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