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Stepping up your Math Game – 35 Summer Projects for Post-Secondary Math Students

This summer invest in your math education. Undergraduate students often ask me for advice for how to improve themselves as mathematicians. There are many answers to this question: you can focus on learning new mathematics, you can work on your programming skills, you can improve your career prospects by working on professional development, … This […]

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Future of Set Theory – Panel Discussion

The following is a (somewhat complete) transcription of a panel discussion held at the Fields Institute on April 1, 2015 as part of the “Forcing and its Applications Retrospective” workshop. The speakers were Stevo Todorcevic (University of Toronto) Jindrich Zapletal (University of Florida) Christina Brech (University of São Paulo) Assaf Rinot (Bar-Ilan University) Matteo Viale […]

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Delta-Epsilon Magic

In my second year of undergrad I had a formative experience with Delta-Epsilon proofs that stuck with me for a long time. Last week I was able to provide a similar experience for some first year calculus students.

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Measuring the (Seemingly) Impossible

(This talk was given as part of the Adventures in the Classroom lecture series at the University of Toronto on August 7, 2014. It aims to connect math educators with researchers in the academic math community. A video of this talk will be available later.) We will introduce two fun projects involving Geodesy, which is […]

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How to Read, Understand and Study Proofs

(This talk was given on March 31, 2014, at the University of Toronto to a class of mostly MAT 137 students. It was standing room only!) In my first year of undergrad I was bad at proofs. In my second year of undergrad I was terrible at proofs. In my third year I was okay […]

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Absolute Chaos is Impossible!

(This is a talk I presented for the Classroom Adventures lecture series on January 17, 2014, for high school teachers.) (Apparently the video of this talk will be made available online. I will link it when it is available.)

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Contest Pigeons!

(This is a talk I gave for the Canadian IMO team at their 2014 winter camp at York University on Jan 3, 2014.) The pigeonhole principle is a remarkable combinatorial theorem that looks silly and obvious, but turns out to be quite powerful and useful, especially in the context of contest problem solving. I’m going […]

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Using Dushnik-Miller to prove that every sigma-compact group is ccc

(This is the write-up for a talk I gave in the Toronto Student Set Theory and Topology seminar on May 2, 2013.) A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk for the set-theoretic topology course I was in, on the topic of cardinal invariants of topological groups. While I was preparing that presentation I […]

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A Survey of Cardinal Invariants of Topological Groups

(This is a presentation I gave for Bill Weiss’ course Set-Theoretic Topology on April 19, 2013. In class we discussed some cardinal invariants and how they are related; here I will survey what happens when we look at the cardinal invariants of topological groups.) This review follows very closely the discussion in section 5.2 of Arhangel’skii […]

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Kangaroo Contest 2013 Talk about Cryptography

On Sunday March 24, 2013, I gave a talk on the History of Cryptography [PDF], at the University of Toronto (Scarborough) for the parents of students writing the Kangaroo Contest. I had many questions after my talk, so here are some answers to the questions I received.   Where did you get this information? Most […]

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