Resigning from LaGuardia

I have resigned my position at LaGuardia Community College effective the beginning of the fall semester. I will be moving back to my birth town of Toledo, Ohio in a few days, where I will help to manage a medium-sized business started by my great-grandfather. It’s a watch repair business, with departments across the country. I’ll get to work closely with my father, who is the President of the company. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to try out a completely different career.

As a side project, I hope to find some time to do a bit of research for MIRI. I’ve discussed MIRI research in a couple of recent posts here. I plan to continue updating this blog with stuff on MIRI research and other updates on my life. I’ll miss my colleagues in New York, and I hope we keep in touch. My students are welcome to keep in touch as well.

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