On May 23, 2013, I graduated from the Ph.D. program in mathematics at the CUNY Graduate Center. I wrote my dissertation in set theory under the supervision of Joel David Hamkins. I received my B.A. degree in mathematics from Grinnell College in 2007. Immediately after completing my PhD, I took a visiting position for a year at Florida Atlantic University.

In the fall of 2014, I began a job as a tenure-track assistant professor at LaGuardia Community College of CUNY in New York City.

Effective fall of 2016, I have quit my job at LaGuardia. In August 2016, I moved back to my birth town of Toledo, Ohio to help manage a medium-sized business started by my great-grandfather and currently run by my father. I am enjoying my new position in business very much.

In June 2016, I attended a two-week research workshop organized by the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, a nonprofit organization seeking to lay the theoretical framework for aligning artificial intelligence with human interests. I hope to continue doing some MIRI research on the side while I work for the family business.

The photo above shows my mathematical family on the occasion of the Set Theory Day conference in honor of the 50th birthday of Joel Hamkins in March 2016. Joel is in the middle, along with eight of his students who gave talks at the conference. From left to right: Jonas Reitz, Tom Johnstone, Vika Gitman, Brent Cody, Joel Hamkins, me (Norman Perlmutter) Erin Cardmody, Miha Habic, Kameryn Williams.

This Web site features listings of my talks and publications, as well as blog posts about math research and math teaching and how my academic training and perspectives transfer to a business context.

You can contact me by email at NLPerlmutter@gmail.com .

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Applying teaching skills to business

I’ve really been happy to see how much my teaching skills have transferred to a business context. Employees are in some ways a lot like students. You need to teach them certain skills, motivate them to practice the things you teach them, and ideally, help them learn to be self-sufficient and improve themselves. When we have a new policy that we want to implement it, simply recognizing the implementation as a teaching-related challenge is a big step already. Then I try to use my teaching skills that I learned at LaGuardia and elsewhere to train employees, and even to help some employees learn how to train other employees.

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