About me


I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Kurt Gödel Research Center (KGRC) of the University of Vienna. My main research interests lie in inner model theory and its connections to descriptive set theory.

E-Mail sandra.uhlenbrock at univie dot ac dot at
Phone +43-1-4277-50556
Room 95
Address Dr. Sandra Uhlenbrock
Kurt Gödel Research Center
Währinger Straße 25
1090 Wien

Current teaching (see here for previous semesters).

Current Bachelor Theses which I advice.

  • Kui Dawei, SoSe 2017, Unendliche Zweipersonenspiele und Mengen von reellen Zahlen.
  • Lukas Hendorfer, SoSe 2017, Die Topologie von $\mathbb{R}$ und die Kontinuumshypothese.
  • Michael König, SoSe 2017, Tetris ist NP-vollständig.
  • Clemens Moser, WiSe 2017/18, TBA.

Most recent publications.