Set Theory Day to celebrate Joel David Hamkins’ 50th birthday

My former PhD supervisor, collaborator, and dear friend Joel David Hamkins is turning 50 this year. Evidently, Joel is much too young for a full-blown birthday conference, but some celebration must still be had. So to celebrate Joel’s birthday, we are holding a Set Theory Day on friday, March 11 at the CUNY Graduate Center. This one-day conference, organized by myself, Miha Habič, and Roman Kossak with the support of the GC Mathematics Department, will feature lectures by Joel’s former and current students. The format feels particularly appropriate for celebrating Joel’s birthday because he has played such a formative role as a teacher, mentor, and friend in the lives of his students. There is a plan to stream the event, provided we can get all the bureaucratic and technological components in place. The event schedule will be up on in February, but some already established organizational details can be found on the poster below. Mathematicians, who happen to be in the New York area on the day, please join us in celebrating Joel’s birthday with captivating mathematics, devoted logicians, and, of course, lots of coffee.

Set Theory Day website:

Here is the poster designed by Joel’s former student, the set theorist/artist Erin Carmody.


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  1. I’m looking forward to it!

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