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Co-organizing the CUNY Set Theory Seminar

I was lucky enough to start graduate school and end up choosing the same adviser with two people who still remain my favorite colleagues and dearest friends. Coincidentally, the adviser also turned out to be quite good. The students were … Continue reading

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A Gilmore girl moment

I just got back from giving a talk at UConn on incomparable $\omega_1$-like models of set theory. (Please note that there will be no mathematical content beyond this point. I allow myself a personal post once every few years, whenever … Continue reading

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On ground model definability: completed!

The final version of the “On ground model definability” paper is here! If interested, please check the updated version of the related post or the PDF of the paper.

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Who let the zombies out?

Academic writing, whether it be a math article or a philosophy textbook, most often fails to capture our imagination or even keep us awake long enough to trudge through its convoluted contents. In unlocking the universe’s greatest mysteries, these treatises … Continue reading

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Two perspectives on Halloween

I went trick-or-treating for the first time this Halloween, twenty years since coming to the United States. Incidentally, according to Wikipedia, Halloween has its origins in the celtic festival Samhain, a harvest celebration and a time to honor the dead.

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